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What is NAD+?

Dr. Shade gives a detailed explanation on the various roles of this critical molecule that underlies every process in the body. He explains why healthy

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NAD+: How it Works in the Body

NAD+ is the body’s longevity molecule and optimal levels are required to maintain cellular and genetic integrity.  Dr. Shade explains the importance of this molecule

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How to take NAD+

In this short video, Dr. Shade provides insight on how frequently to take NAD+, and how to gauge dosing depending on your individual physiological needs.

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NAD+’s Role in Detoxification

What does NAD+ have to do with detoxification? This video explains how cellular NAD+ levels directly impact detox reactions, and the correlation of this molecule

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NAD+ and Aging

Why is NAD+ considered our longevity molecule? In this video, Dr. Shade explains how NAD+ impacts our mitochondria and aging, as well as its importance