Evidence-Based Approaches to Wellness – Hash it Out – w/ Dr. Chris Shade of Quicksilver Scientific

In this episode, RJ Bald talked to Dr. Christopher Shade, founder and CEO of Quicksilver Scientific, which specializes in CBD, hemp, and other botanical and herbal detoxification and supplemental products. They discuss the science behind body detoxification and hemp and CBD. They also talk about the importance of evidence-based approaches in the health supplement industry and more.

Oct. 28, 2020

Podcast Transcription:

RJ: Coming to you from Dave Chappelle’s socially distanced outdoor comedy gazebo, I’m RJ Balde, and this is the TRICHOMES Hash it Out podcast. On this show, we feature conversations about trending cannabis topics. We also bring in industry insiders and influencers to discuss their point of view. In this episode, I’ll be talking to Dr. Christopher Shade about the science behind body detoxification and hemp and CBD. We will also talk about the importance of evidence-based approaches in the health supplement industry and more. Without further ado, it’s time to Hash it Out. Today I am joined by Dr. Christopher Shade founder and CEO of Quicksilver Scientific, which specializes in CBD, hemp, and other botanical and herbal detoxification and supplemental products. Welcome to the show Doctor, I’m stoked to have you. 

Dr. Shade: Thank you RJ. I am happy to be here. 

RJ: No problem man. Now, where are you joining us virtually from today?

Dr. Shade: I’m joining you virtually from Broomfield, Colorado and our offices and manufacturing or just about two miles away from here in Louisville, Colorado. 

RJ: Oh nice. Okay, so you have the convenience of being close to work. That’s very nice. 

Dr. Shade: I always set up that way.

RJ: All right yeah, you worked out a good deal there my friend. Now how has your year been going man? I know that’s a loaded question.

Dr. Shade: Oh, yeah, it’s been a cranker because a lot of the things that we make our immune supplements, you know, you’re either short-term immune building with vitamin C, vitamin E, glutathione or your long-term immune building with detoxification and metabolic and mitochondrial strategy. So we’ve just been full boresince covid started. 

RJ: Nice man. Now has a business, like how has business been? Have you been affected at all? Have you seen any benefits maybe from increased demand or anything like that?

Dr. Shade: Oh, yeah. Geez, March, we were three times our projected volume. Vitamin C sales were at seven times their normal and it’s slowed down a little bit. Now. We’re getting deeper into people really wanting to take care of themselves. Cardiovascular risk factors are a big deal. A lot of what we do is for cardiovascular health and metabolic health and so that’s been really big. We’ve been putting together programs for that, you know, it’s the sort of cold and flu season that whines up as we get colder here than the immune supplements will pop back on the radar too. We just want a reward for one of our immune supplements called Immune Charge and it’s a little shot of Vitamin C with Elderberry, high doses of Vitamin D, A, K, and E and you could just take that to bump things up and we had our whole staff taken that and covid really wound up and we had all the operations guys, we had to change everything around and operations and manufacturing, bottling, shipping and receiving. I had to have two different teams that would never see each other. One would work three days a week, one would work four days a week. 

RJ: Wow.

Dr. Shade: And so that was yeah, we had to manage risk factors the whole way through there, but we did a great job and until we had two people had covid right in the beginning they were big skiers and since then only one person randomly and it never spread beyond that, I think we’re doing a great job of keeping everybody’s immune system.

RJ: Whoo. Well, that’s good man. That’s good. That’s a close call right there, but I’m glad everyone is safe and and you know, their health is doing okay for now. 

Dr. Shade: Yeah.

RJ: Have you been affected by any fires at all over there?

Dr. Shade: Well, just ash raining down on us… 

RJ: Oh yeah no big deal. Just ash raining down. 

Dr. Shade: Oh yeah just some ash and people like not feeling so good, you know, that’s not good for you, but it hasn’t come that close to us, maybe for 30/40 miles away there was one but we’re not in the tree thick. 

RJ: Hmm. Well, that’s good man. I’m glad again that everyone is staying safe.  It’s weird because like when you ask someone how they’re doing, it’s like what are you asking me about? The fires? Are you asking me about the pandemic? Are you asking me about the election? Like there’s so much.

Dr. Shade: Everything in one year can freak you out. It’s just insane. 

RJ: Right right. Now how long ago did you start Quicksilver Scientific? 

Dr. Shade: Yeah. Well, I started it back in 2006 and originally we started as a testing lab because I had unique patented technology for mercury analysis, which we were doing initially for environmental testing and then we switched over to testing mercury is a toxin in people and we did that in about 08/09 during that economic crash was kind of a desperation move because environmental stuff was like nobody cared about it during a recession and we did the testing and then we developed a detox system around that and that you needed a unique delivery system, a way to get something called glutathione into the body that normally wouldn’t go in through capsules, so we got into making these liposomes and nanoemulsions and different nano-particle delivery technologies first or detox products and then the first for a away from that it was really to help detox, but it was not making vitamin C and glutathione, it was making CBD and then of course we did THC too but that was a total game changer, our nano-CBD was just amazing and it turned out to be the tool that we needed for a lot of the really difficult cases like autism, lime, mold toxicity where the brain is just fire it’s all lit up all the time and that’s blocking on the healing response and CBD was just the golden ticket to calm that down so we can get some work done.

RJ: I love that. That’s so fascinating and it’s interesting that you say that you are kind of getting the company off the ground during the recession in the two thousands and then here you are now in a pandemic dealing with another recession, did the first one at all prepare you for the sequel?

Dr. Shade: Yeah, I think everything that I did then, like nothing fazes me anymore. It’s not oh God what do I do? It’s I’m gonna do this, you know, and we are very action-oriented, very solution oriented and we were just, I got to say my team was awesome during covid. I mean it was a new, it was totally uncharted territory. Every day we were making a new policy, my HR Director, my president, me, you know, we’re huddling and then blasting out to the team, all right, here’s what we’re going to do, everybody you’re going to split like this, you’re going to test like this, you’re going to have your temperature taken, you know, this that the other thing. Everyday was a new you know, how do we take in CDC guidelines, Health Department guidelines? How do we deal with the health department thinking they’re going to shut people down or what’s the governor doing? It was just action every day. 

RJ: Whoo and it still is pedal to the metal man. I feel like every day this year is like its own year. It’s like what’s gonna happen in the course of 24 hours.

Dr. Shade: Everybody’s freaking out all over again like this just, you know the president got it. Everybody’s getting it, we’re all going to die. I had to yell at my team to pull their shit together, you know, just certain elements of them were freaking out. I’m like we’ve been doing this since March!

RJ: Right! Yeah. Yeah, like we yeah, we’ve been dealing with this for the better part of a year now…

Dr. Shade: Yeah why are we suddenly, you know, falling in on ourselves. 

RJ: Yeah. Yeah, that is an interesting point that you bring up. 

Dr. Shade: My son, Thomas just walked in from CU-Boulder where they quarantined every 18 to 22 year old.

RJ: Wow. 

Dr. Shade: For two weeks because the case is restarting on the rise…

RJ: Wow. 

Dr. Shade: Over there on the hill and he’s like God what the hell do I do with myself? You could get a six thousand dollar fine for being with more than one person. 

RJ: Get out of here man. Like I’m way past being 18 but I could only imagine back when I was 18 like if the school that I was going at told me to like stay in my dorm for two weeks, I at 18, nah.

Dr. Shade: Oh, yeah I mean this is his freshman year, oh having a good time.

RJ: Wow, man. 

Dr. Shade: Yeah, they’re bugging out to the mountains this weekend now.

RJ: Well, hey if all else fails just retreat to the mountains. That’s great. 

Dr. Shade: Yeah get a big stack of cannabis and retreat to the mountains. 

RJ: There it is. Bring some seeds with you., grow your own. 

Dr. Shade: Yep. 

RJ: You’re good to go. 

Dr. Shade: Yep. 

RJ: Now a lot of your work focuses on you just mentioned a little bit ago Mercury detoxification and heavy metal detoxification. I understand that you were born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, which still, you were near one of the biggest steel mills in the nation and I understand that you also received 17 Mercury fillings yourself when you were a child. Is that right?

Dr. Shade: All that happened to you at once, that had a heavy heavy toll on me that I only understand now because now that I cleared everything up, you know, my body operates like, you know, like the Maserati I drive and I don’t look as good as it but I operate as well and you know, I didn’t operate so well before I mean that really took a toll on me and I remember some changes in my teen years that I thought was just you know hormones and stuff but I developed this wicked temper, I would put my hand through walls all the time. It was like not, people didn’t make me mad, it was like when my record skipped and stuff and you know, I was like, I didn’t know why that was but it was and that’s part of the toxicity there because it winds up inflammation in your liver which irritates you, it winds up inflammation in your brain and why it’s up anxiety a lot makes you kind of paralyzed by anxiety and then that, you know can cause depressive cycles and stuff. So, you know, these metals really do a lot and they hold down your energy production in your adrenals, in your mitochondria are your cellular power plants and in the thyroid to and so, you know, it’s like the proverbial lead blanket, it’s just holding you down. 

RJ: Yeah. Yeah and that’s but you know as a child receiving 17, for those who may not know what a Mercury filling is can you just explain what that is? 

Dr. Shade: Yeah, so those silver fillings that were put where the cavities were and then the dentist got really overzealous if there was a crack in your enamel that drill it out and they put some in there and people would call them “silver fillings” but they’re actually 50% Mercury with you know, 48 percent silver and a couple alloy metals to help harden it and there’s mercury vapor coming off of that all the time and you’re inhaling it. There’s corrosion products coming off that all the time and you’re swallowing it and so 24/7 you’ve got this Mercury load going in.

RJ: Wow. It’s like a steady drip pretty much of mercury.

Dr. Shade: Yep. That’s what it is, you know, and so people are moving more to those white fillings, the composites which they definitely should do. There’s no reason to be using this technology, you know, they started using this in like the late 1800.

RJ: Yeah. 

Dr. Shade: Because they used to use gold foil before that was too laborious and you know, these French dudes came up with this Mercury amalgam thing and it was the subject of quite a bit of debate and so, you know the term quack as it’s used for like alternative doctors, oh that guy’s quack.

RJ: Oh sure yeah. Yeah sure. 

Dr. Shade: So that originates from the term quacksalber, which is German for Quicksilver, which is mercury. 

RJ: Wow.

Dr. Shade: And a quack was actually the term for anybody who used mercury in medicine and they were using it for syphilis treatment and then they started using it for these fillings and so all these people are like what? I thought we got Mercury out of medicine and nope, you know the dentist are putting it right back in so it’s been subject to controversy and yet it went on until now because it was just so easy to use.

RJ: What do you mean until now? It’s not still being used is it?

Dr. Shade: Oh, yeah, totally about half of dentistry and now like the economic thing, you know, if you have cheap like, if you have Medicaid all you get are these amalgams and yet in different places around the world, they’re getting it taken out of dentistry and you know, totally banned but here in the good old USA and in Europe it’s still going.

RJ: Wow, that is wild man. That is so wild.

Dr. Shade: And there’s a lot of theory around why they keep it going because it’s used in gold mining, especially what they call “artisanal gold mining” so that’s these guys out in the woods in the Amazon and in Africa, you know that are getting Mercury that’s being supposedly used for “dental” and it’s getting subverted over to these guys and they’re running Mercury through these ores to pull gold out then they’re like burning it off on spoons like these guys cooking down crack and the get little bits of gold and are selling them to the big gold companies.

RJ: Oh my gosh, that is so…

Dr. Shade: Isn’t that crazy??

RJ: Yeah that’s crazy that that’s going on today like happening now. 

Dr. Shade: Yeah, it’s crazy. It’s going on.

RJ: Man. So, you know your foundation and the passion that you have for this subject, you know, we just mentioned reaching back into your childhood with personal experience. So looking back now when you were going to school when you were in University, how did you come to work with a professor who happened to also be studying Mercury, how did that meeting happen? 

Dr. Shade: Yeah. Well, so I had this long circuitous route. I left college and traveled around and stuff and actually I was uh, I was shall we say precocious with cannabis growing. I was growing indoor organic, eben flood, hydroponic cannabis on the East Coast back in the late 80s early 90s, so I had this love of organic farming and then I went into organic vegetable farm and I was like, I’m gonna go legit and spent a little time doing that and then you know, it’s just hard to make ends meet. I joke that I went out of business the year Whole Foods came around there wasn’t enough money in it.

RJ: Sure sure.

Dr. Shade: And weed growing was so fucking illegal. You didn’t want to do that. 

RJ: Yeah. 

Dr. Shade: At least not as a business and so I left and I went back to school and I got a master’s looking at agricultural pollution, nutrient pollution and then I was going to do a PhD and I thought I was going to do that and I went to the University of Illinois where there was a big Agronomy school and they had me interview with this guy, Bob Hudson who was studying global cycling of Mercury and global cycling of carbon. They built this big model, these carbon cycling models that he applied to Mercury cycling models and he’s like, well, I want to get on my own data and he was just the smartest dude by a long shot there and he said, you know, can you start a lab? And can you design this methyl Mercury analyzer for me? I’m like, absolutely! What’s a methyl Mercury? And he just set me loose and you know, begged and borrowed steel equipment from all the old professors there and you know who rooted me on and I figured it all out and got a patent and started my company with this testing technology.

RJ: Wow! What, how serendipitous it is there’s, like it almost sounds like fate that you just like ran into this dude and he trusted you with the project.

Dr. Shade: Yeah, totally was, you know, that’s the way it works. Everybody thinks, you know, I planned this all out, you know when I was 13 and I wanted to save the world.

RJ: Right.

Dr. Shade: You don’t know what the hell’s going to come, it just comes and then you jump on it.

RJ: Wow, what a great opportunity, so that led you like you just mentioned to eventually create the company Quicksilver Scientific, which I had no idea until just now that the word quicksilver, it means Mercury. I had no idea. 

Dr. Shade: Yeah, quick means liquid, it’s liquid silver.

RJ: Fancy that. Look at that, you learn something new every day. So Quicksilver Scientific offers an array of herbal products that are designed for detoxifying the human system. Can you just run through the lineup of products that you offer?

Dr. Shade: Yeah, so it’s you know, they’re beyond just herbal products, some of them are pure compounds out of plants, some are whole plants, but the whole key to how our stuff works so darn, well is the technology of the delivery system and these are these things called liposomes and nanoemulsions, where you’re making this little fatty droplet that holds your compounds you want to deliver into the body and you make them so small that when you put them in your mouth as liquids, they absorb right through the oral cavity right into the capillaries there and what doesn’t get absorbed gets absorbed in the stomach and the small intestine. So some of these things you put it in your mouth in two minutes you can see them in your bloodstream. With the cannabinoids we apply this technology and you’ll peak whether it’s CBD, THC, you’ll peak your blood concentrations between 15 and 25 minutes after you take it and so usually edible cannabis is taking you a couple hours to a peak and then, you know, three hours to peak and about 12 days to come down it feels like you know when you eat too many.

RJ: Yep.

Dr. Shade: This is much different. It all goes in really quick and then it comes off. In fact this delivery we do for cannabis beverages. We’re supplying the technology to Molson Coors…

RJ: Yup.

Dr. Shade: For a joint venture with Hexocannabis up in Canada where they came to us because they wanted cannabis to have the onset and offset like alcohol and so we made these drinks and you’re peeking, in the drinks it takes a little bit longer because you’re drinking it slowly but you peak in the blood in about 40 minutes and then it’s you know another two hours or so to come off. So it’s just like alcohol and so those have been released under the company Trust Beverages up in Canada and they also have this little concentrate where you can put it in your own drink. So you want to put it in your gin and tonic? Go ahead. Now it’s a gin and cannabis and tonic.

RJ: Wow, look at that. I like that.

Dr. Shade: And you get six fold higher uptake than if you were just taking cannabis in a little oil droop or in a capsule.

RJ: Huh interesting and that delivery system that you have developed, that delivery technology, you have a patent on that? 

Dr. Shade: Yeah, we’ve got a number of patents either issued. We have eight different patterns that are either issued or patent pending. A couple are around cannabis applications or hormone applications. We’ve got the detox system. We’ve got some of the different vitamin blends. We’ve got some mitochondrial blends all in there and we have a number of things coming out, but just to wrap up on what the lineup is, we started with these detox systems and they’re all based on this really rapid, high delivery of these compounds into the body that mobilize toxins out of the cells, wind up the liver to be dumping things out of the liver and into the GI tract and then you come in with these binders that pick it all up and take it away. So that was the core system and then we have different vitamins that go around with it a broad cannabis line, some that are the CBD line, some are for sleep, some are for stress and anxiety, some are for pain and you know people talk about the entourage effect, well, we bring in a lot of other different herbal compounds as well as neurotransmitters and sometimes hormones in order to create a really targeted CBD based product.

RJ: Wow, tell me about the process for getting these patents because you know, there are a lot of companies out there that love to tout their onset time and used you know, whether it be like nanotechnology or different sort of delivery systems that they have created. What have you found the products that Quicksilver do differently than other detoxifying products on the market?

Dr. Shade: Yeah, well both the detox stuff and the cannabis, you know, we’re the only ones that actually have data on this. Everybody touts all their stuff but we because we were originally in the analytical lab, we have a very sophisticated lab setup and we’re able to do our own pharmacokinetic studies. That’s a study of what your blood levels are after you take something so we know the onset time is this, the offset time is that, it’s not just  a couple of guys sitting around going, “yeah I feel stoned now.” You know, we have like actual scientific data and on the detox system, we have a lot of data around getting the toxins out. I mean we have so much that even they use our detox systems in the functional medicine clinic in Cleveland Clinic. So…

RJ: Wow.

Dr. Shade: We’re up at at National, very respectable level, we’re doing a bunch of studies now, were they are or actually these groups at George Washington University and the Cleveland Clinic are doing studies applying detoxification to the mixed therapies for diabetes, for cancer, they’re looking at how toxins interact with these different pathologies and if taking the toxins out help with all that and so we’re the only ones, you know, people talk about oh, yeah, you take this herb and you detox. This is the only you know, we are the only systems that do this exceedingly scientifically. 

RJ: Right and the companies that you have partnered with to supply your products and your proprietary technology are those products available yet?

Dr. Shade: Oh, yeah, I mean we’ve been selling stuff for a long time and we are originally what’s called a professional supplement company, would sell the doctors and then the doctor said that the patients and that’s either us directly selling or through a number of distributors that like Emersonecologics and natural partners that sell to the doctors and then we started going direct to consumer and through Amazon, so all of our stuff from Quicksilver Scientific is available to almost anybody. There’s a couple of products that are only for professionals, but the broad line is available to anybody.

RJ: I love that. 

Dr. Shade: Yeah.

RJ: And you mentioned that you know Quicksilver’s been around for a while now, but when you started, you know, there wasn’t really this mass appeal for that type of product just yet, you know, a healthy alternative or you know natural or plant-based alternative to medicines or supplements. Do you see a shift in mentality changing? And when did you first notice that shift begin?

Dr. Shade: Yeah. I mean the market was there. People were doing it, just weren’t doing it as much as they are now. So over the last, well over the last 10 years,  it’s become much more mainstream and it used to be oh, yeah, that’s Voodoo. That’s quackery and stuff and it’s like no actually I’m on the faculty of George Washington University and I teach doctors through their programs how to do this stuff.

RJ: Right. Right.

Dr. Shade: It’s in all these very reputable places. This is real stuff now and I gotta say that CBD was one of the things that helped bring consumers into that market. They’re like oh, I thought that was all Voodoo but look what this CBD does. Let me check out some of their other stuff and so there’s been a great opening there and you know at the same time we do license these technologies out and so we get a little bit more reach that way, especially with the THC. So all this technology applies to THC beautifully and like I said, we, you know, we license it to the Molson Coors group, but we also license it to groups like Wanna Wellness. Wanna is the most famous gummy manufacturer and they are about to release our line and we licensed it to a group in California and so now this technology starting to spread out into the THC manufacturers to so it’s been this gradual shift over into respectability and in the Cannabis world first all they wanted to do was just get high. It was just like weed is legal, great! 

RJ: Yeah.

Dr. Shade: But now the more, you know, some of the older crowd is getting into it, the more professional crowd and they don’t want to just walk around smoking a joint. Oh let me take a bong rip here before my meeting. You know now they’re wanting these dosage forms that are like pump, pump, pump or a dropper bottle or a capsule things that look more medical and so now the demand for our technology is starting to grow in the THC world.

RJ: Is that one of the reasons whether it be a subconscious decision or a conscious decision to not go in the direction that a lot of cannabis companies frankly go into nowadays, especially which is just simply chasing high THC levels?

Dr. Shade: Oh, yeah chasing high THC levels is stupid, you know, look dapper cadavers they’ll always be there but that’s not where the big market is. The big market is these people are just, you know, getting comfortable going over and starting to use these more medically directed precisely delivered applications. I mean even for me, you know, I mean, obviously I grew weed a long time ago. I like THC but I thought you know, I’m a more sensitive one, I’ve got you know, not a really high tolerance. I must have a very high receptor density and you know, I’m a high-functioning CEO so I need to know what my dosages are. I want to know exactly how much I’m getting in and I want it to be reproducible and so we do this with these pump tops that are exactly the same volume each time, giving you exactly the same milligram dosage and we’ve seen in our update studies that when things go through the GI tract, you know, there’s a hundred percent variation between different people but when they go through these intra oral or sublingual nanos precisely delivered there’s only about 20 to 30 percent variation in blood levels person to person and so it’s a much more predictable thing, the onsets predictable, the blood levels are predictable, this is what people want in the big market that is starting to come into cannabis.

RJ: Hmm. Yeah, that’s so important to you know, emphasize, you know, making sure that these products will work for a wide array of people because you know for the average consumer whether it be for wellness products or just cannabis in general, you don’t always know what you’re going to get if you go to different places, you know, you might get the same product the same type of product at two different places and it hits you different.

Dr. Shade: Oh, yeah it is so, I mean I got some pens recently and it was like some of them did nothing, some of them got you really wasted and I just I’m like, I don’t like this at all as and so there’s no consistency. There’s no reproducibility. They’re really good players but you know it unless you’re like really surfing through the market you don’t know who’s good and who’s not. 

RJ: Yeah, exactly and that’s why I another reason that I like that you take an evidence and a science and a study based approach, you know is to ensure that experience that consistency rather for your clientele and your consumer base.

Dr. Shade: Yeah, and we’ve been you know, we pioneered this in these delivery systems and you know these like the size of these little droplets is precisely controlled, it’s measured during production. These are there called the specifications for the product, the potency has to be there, the size of the nanoparticles, everything’s done the same way so the product does the same thing every time and then we brought this into the Cannabis world and they’ve never seen that kind of consistency before.

RJ: Yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, that’s for damn sure. That is for damn sure. Now, so how do I ask this? So in a world, you know the health and wellness industry is sort of seeing a moment recently, lately with you know with the introduction of CBD and another non-psychoactive cannabinoid entering the space, but that is also sort of facilitated the appearance of a lot of products that claim to be for your health and well-being or supplemental products that are really just sort of based on anecdotes more than anything rather than scientific data and research so in a world where we have you know quote-unquote detoxifying juice cleanses or quote unquote activated charcoal pills or Goop by Gwyneth Paltrow, how important is it for you now personally to make sure that your products are backed by that data and analysis more than ever?

Dr. Shade: Yeah it’s really important because detox has a bad name yet it is so fundamentally important and it’s amazing how many mainstream doctors are just like look your liver and kidneys are all doing that for you or else you’d be dead but then you know, the scientific literature starting to prove all this stuff out and so it is just so fundamentally important that we differentiate ourselves with these data sets, with clinical studies and we’re doing more and more of them. We’re starting to do studies on epigenetic changes that are happening. There’s, we’ve done, we’ve had clinics that did studies on fatty liver using our products and it was just like it was working better than Pharmaceuticals, you know, because Pharmaceuticals tend to be these mama therapies, take this one drug and we’re like no you gotta take this whole family a different things we’re going to put them all together for you, we’re going to make it easy, but you gotta hit all these molecular triggers in the cell and then you’ll get the results that you want and so, you know these guys down in Texas get a 82% resolution of non-alcoholic fatty liver and one to two months. Like nobody sees that kind of data.

RJ: Yeah wow! 

Dr. Shade: So this is how we differentiate, you know, it’s not, yeah youngers, you know juice fast, they’ll send them to your house and you’ll change your life.

RJ: Hey, yeah, right like subscribe to this monthly subscription box and we’ll send you carrot juice.

Dr. Shade: Yeah, exactly. 

RJ: Yeah.

Dr. Shade: But that’s good and I’m glad people are doing that but don’t think that that is a real medical therapeutic type of intervention.

RJ: Yeah, how difficult is it though to differentiate yourself from those sorts of products when you’re sort of next to each other in the same sort of realm?

Dr. Shade: Right, well that’s all done through education and I do a lot of lecture. I lecture internationally at all these Functional Medicine and Integrative Medicine Conventions so I’m a PhD, I’m a thought leader of teaching people what these pathways are, how to use them, how to do stuff, I give webinars. I do an hour and a half long webinar almost every month and they’re all on our website and as soon as the doctor’s see this it’s like okay, this is not a juice fast. This is the real deal.

RJ: Yeah. 

Dr. Shade: So it’s really it’s just an education based and you just blow them away with the knowledge base and they’re in. 

RJ: Yeah, that’s true. That’s true and it might take a while to change public perception or to really, you know, differentiate yourself in the minds of consumers but yeah, I feel like you know education is that honestly the most and almost only tool that is effective in changing that perception.

Dr. Shade: That is absolutely correct.

RJ: Yeah. Now speaking of all of the educational speaking you do and webinars and online work which by the way how has the pandemic affected that work that you do? 

Dr. Shade: Everything’s online and there’s so much more lectures now because people are like, oh well, I don’t have to get a hotel and food together so, how about we do these things all the time.

RJ: Yeah.

Dr. Shade: So I’m like making slide decks all the time. I built out my educational team so they’re starting to do this stuff for me and I’m you know, all these conferences have gone virtual. I just went to the first live conference, it was down in Arizona in Scottsdale, an autism conference. It was the first live conference since the start of covid and it was two weeks ago.

RJ: Wow. 

Dr. Shade: It was really great to get out and see some people live but yeah the education keeps cranking. I just want to get real people back together.

RJ: Yeah. I’m so glad you mentioned that man because I’ve noticed that too that like the pandemic it obviously has, you know, sort of effectively halted all in-person events, but I feel like the amount of events hasn’t diminished because like you said so many are online now and because people are like, oh it’s as easy as you know, someone just needs a laptop and a link, a zoom link and and they’re in this thing and so I feel like the yeah, there’s more now than I think there was in person before the pandemic.

Dr. Shade: Yeah, it’s true. There’s more content shuffling around out there but you know, it’s got a little bit of an emptiness to it because there’s not, you know, the face-to-face stuff. I did the first virtual, one of the other autism conferences was a virtual one and you know, they tried to have like virtual trade show and everything. It was just a mess.

RJ: Yeah, they don’t understand.

Dr. Shade: I got a whole conference, you know that personal interaction is just totally totally lost.

RJ: Yeah. Yeah. I don’t understand how people could do like a whole ass trade show like that I don’t…

Dr. Shade: Just a disaster. 

RJ: Just disaster! I know people are like trying to use like VR now even and I’m like no one had like, how many people actually have like a good VR set, like some people do but not it’s not a commonplace thing that everyone has. 

Dr. Shade: Yeah, I mean now it’s a silly idea. 

RJ: Yeah. Yeah. So yeah, so, you know the pandemic has made you have to adapt what you’re doing in terms of education and public speaking but you’re still doing a lot of it. In a podcast that you did with Dr. Michael Carlfelt, you sort of talked about the three phases of detoxification and the significance of the order in which they happen. So for the layman or the layperson rather, what are the basic steps in detoxifying the body?

Dr. Shade: Yeah. So you got these toxins in there, you know some plastic, you plasticize, you’re exposed to a metal, you know, pesticide what have you there, they get into the blood and they get into the cells and then you get to get them back out. So, how are you going to get them out? And it’s this sort of relay race, where first you tag them and these are these phases so phase one, two, three. Phase one, you’re gonna kind of cut into it and make it reactive and then you’re going to link, it’s like a shipping tag on it, one of your molecules that you make like glutathione. I needed for Mercury detox, you can link that onto a pesticide say so now you’ve got this pesticide glutathione complex in the cell and now it’s recognizable by a transport system and this transport system are at the cell membranes and it’s going to boot it out of the cell into the blood. All right, so okay phase one was cutting into it phase two is linking your thing onto it, you’re tagged onto it and phase 3 is popular across this transporter. Now, it’s in the blood and now there’s a couple more phase 3 reactions and one of them pulls that glutathione toxin conjugate into the liver cell and then the next one dumps it out of the liver cell into the bile, which is that green liquid that comes out of the liver and it’s usually you think of it for digestion, but it’s also moving the toxins out and then from there it goes down into the GI tract and then you poop it out now similarly the kidneys can pull it into the urinary flow and you can pee it out and can even do a little bit of sweating it out, but livers the biggest one, kidneys next and then other pathways and so you need all these, the phase 1, phase 2, phase 3 and you need that linked to the bile flow so you got to make sure your biles flowing and then when it gets down to the GI tract, then you want a binder to pick it up and that’s where something like charcoal comes in and we make a more sophisticated product that’s got charcoal and zeolites and something called kitozan and a special metal binder along with some things to heal the GI tract and so we line this all up, you know, turn up all these phases, turn up the bile flow, get your binders in place and when you do all that it works really really well. Now the one key is that when you’re all toxic and sick your nervous system gets all jacked up in the toxins in the brain get your brain all jacked up and it’s called a sympathetic autonomic tone, where you’re in fight or flight so, you know, there’s fight or flight and then there’s rest and digest and in rest and digest, its rest, digest repair, regenerate, detoxify so you need to get yourself out of that wind up mode and that’s where the CBD comes in. So we hit all these things at once. We put the CBD in the calm you down, we put the compounds to wind up the phases in the cell, we put the herbal extracts to wind up the bile flow and do that all at once and then a little bit later come in with the binder to pick it all up and you’ve got this beautiful scientifically developed integrated detoxification system.

RJ: RJ: Wow, and where can anybody who’s interested in learning more about these products, where can they find out more information about all of the science that you just mentioned that is behind the development of this, of these products?

Dr. Shade: Right so, Quicksilverscientific.com. You see, if you go on there we just launched a consumer website. There’ll be a lot of education there. There will be a different one if you’re a doctor, you’ll create an account. It will take you to a slightly different site so there’s a lot of education on our website and then on YouTube there is a Quicksilver Scientific YouTube page that logs a lot of my webinars and people can watch these long webinars and on the product pages at the site there’s little two-minute videos on each product and how it works and the detox system that we just talked about is called Push Catch Liver Detox and it comes as a little kit and and you can you can find information like I said on those product pages or on YouTube. 

RJ: That’s awesome. And yeah, I was checking out your YouTube page and the videos are really great and they’re so informative and they’re so easy to digest, pun intended and they are more often than not hosted by you so our listeners can put a face to the voice if they head over to your YouTube page. 

Dr. Shade: Yep would be fantastic! 

RJ: Yeah, man. So what’s next for Quicksilver? What have you got down the line? What have you got prepared for the rest of the year and into 2021? That you can share of course, that you can share. 

Dr. Shade: Yeah. Well we’re winding out or opening up our longevity line and so we do a lot of work in the anti-aging space because what we found out is, you know, when people are toxic and ill you’ve got to go in and you got to fix a bunch of things. You got to fix the liver functioning. You got to fix mitochondrial function. You got to fix the metabolic sensors that enable you to go between fasted and fed states and when you do all that those are the things you need for longevity and where you know, you go from fixing to them optimizing and so we’re going to add a couple things in the optimize more of, we do a lot of work on mitochondrial function, especially with a compound called NAD, but we’re going to do a little bit around gene repair too, something that’s called a telomere lengthener and so you’ll see me and we have some hormone products coming out. So they’re all in the longevity line that you’ll see coming out to go with our detoxification and metabolic and mitochondrial lines. 

RJ: Right on and when do, you know, when we could expect the longevity line to come out?

Dr. Shade: Well some of its already there, but the real new product should come out around December and we also have, we have some special zinc products that are called Zinc Ionophores, this is something that came out in the research around covid is zinc transport issues and there’s these complexes of zinc and quercetin that you can make that have a much higher absorption into cells and can help you wind up immunity much faster.

RJ: Wow, that’s so awesome, man. 

Dr. Shade: Yeah. 

RJ: It’s so great man, like the work that you’re doing, you know, I can certainly hear and feel the passion behind it. Obviously you have a rich history…

Dr. Shade: Yeah. 

RJ: In dealing with this, a very rich personal history and yeah the work that you’re doing to bring this sort of scientific backed technology and methodology into your products man, that’s so great. 

Dr. Shade: Awesome. Thank you so much. 

RJ: Yeah, of course, man. And yeah, oh so we know where people can find what’s going on with Quicksilver, can people find out what’s going on with you personally and keep up with you on the internet at all?

Dr. Shade: Yeah, they can go to our website and just join us, make an account, signup for the newsletter and then you’ll be getting all the updates and what we’re doing and where we’re going, when we’re at, you know, Dr. events versus, when we’re at public events and webinars some are Doctor, but a lot of them are public webinars and so just join our community and of course you can find us, of course, I forget about all the social media, you know, I must be old, I’m Dr. Christopher Shade and Facebook Quicksilver Scientific, you can find a lot of stuff there. We do a lot of Facebook lives as well on there. 

RJ: Right on and well Doctor Shade, I appreciate you so much for taking the time to have this conversation with me. I hope that you and your loved ones and all of everyone in your community and everyone at Quicksilver continues to stay safe and to stay well, man. 

Dr. Shade: Alright, thank you and the same to you.

RJ: Yeah, thanks and you know what hopefully once it’s safe to see each other in person once again, we can re-hash it out for a sequel maybe.

Dr. Shade: Absolutely.

RJ: Right on man. Well, Dr. Shade, thank you again. Be safe. Stay well, and we will talk to you again real soon. My thanks again to Dr. Christopher Shade for joining me. If you are a member of the cannabis community and have a story you want to share with us, we would love to hear from you. You can reach the show at [email protected]. You can help others find the show by taking a moment to subscribe to the podcast and write a review. You can also join the discussion with industry insiders and get your voice heard by joining the community at TRICHOMES.com and following us on all social media. Hash It Out is produced by David Fortin and presented by TRICHOMES.com. I’m RJ Balde. Thanks for listening.

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