NAD+ and Aging

Why is NAD+ considered our longevity molecule? In this video, Dr. Shade explains how NAD+ impacts our mitochondria and aging, as well as its importance to the health of our genes.

How Does NAD+ Support Metabolism?

A happy and healthy metabolism requires optimal energy.  What darling molecule is needed to ensure our body is fully powered?  NAD+, of course!  Dr. Shade explains this critical molecule’s role in optimal mitochondrial function and energy output to supercharge your metabolism.

EMF and NAD+ Gold

EMFs are inescapable in today’s world and have a direct impact on our immune system and health.  They are associated with a host of symptoms that effect our health. In this informative video, Dr. Shade describes EMF effects on the body at the cellular level and provides tools for protecting the system. He describes how …

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What is Methyl Charge+?

Methyl Charge+ is considered a second-generation methylation support formula that complements the NAD+ cycles. It differs from a traditional B-Complex in that it contains specific pro-methylation B vitamins to facilitate healthy methylation and neurotransmitter stability.